AI isn’t science fiction

Use RecruitingRobot.AI to modernize your talent acquisition.

An AI Solution that accelerates a cumbersome manual federal hiring process. RecruitingRobot unites human and machine intelligence to supplement the decision-making of HR Specialists. In 2020 RecruitingRobot was piloted successfully at HHS, decreasing processing time of resumes by as much as 80% while maintaining a high level of agreement between the AI and human HR specialists. The system employs a dashboard to monitor bias and fairness, while providing explanations of the system’s predictions.

The process

  • Applicant review

    Allows an HR Specialists to ingest all resumes for a position at once

    Analyzes and scores resumes in minutes with AI

    The HR Specialist can then review all the recommendations that the AI has made and can confirm or override recommendations.

  • AI-assisted resume review

    Presents each resume with highlights indicating relevant experiences via predictive analytics

    Does not make recommendations in borderline cases – AI is humble

    The human and machine collaboration enables development of high quality certificates at rapid speed.

  • Bias and fairness dashboard

    Includes a quality review dashboard that measures the agreement between the AI and HR Specialists

    Provides tools to mitigate bias and to ensure fair hiring practices aremet

    Provides insights into how the AI is making recommendations

    HR Managers can use this dashboard as a tool to ensure quality and consistency of the certificate creation process.

Case Study

HHS Recruiting

Concluding a five month pilot program, the DataRobot team collaborated in over 80 working sessions and received direct user feedback from more than 15 HR Specialists across multiple HHS operating divisions to create an application that meets the needs of the end-users. The studies show that AI can reduce time spent reviewing resumes by 50-80% while showing more than 80% agreement with HR Specialist evaluations on unseen resumes. These initial results demonstrate the incredible capability of AI to transform the hiring process at HHS, and across the federal government.

50-80% savings

Benefits of an AI approach to recruiting.

  • Reduces time to review resumes for specialized experience by up to 80%

  • Increases time HR Specialists can spend on mission-critical and high value activities

  • Natural language descriptions are provided for why a particular recommendation is being made

  • In-line resume review with key phrase highlighting makes it easier for HR Specialists to quickly review resumes

  • Improves the consistency of recommendations to hiring managers by learning from a cross-section of specialists

  • A quality review dashboard enables managers to examine known and potential unknown sources of bias

  • Works within the security infrastructure and protects the privacy of candidates and users

  • Engineered to learn from HR Specialists over time, and leverages active learning to sample and label new applicants to mitigate historical biases