Groundswell Integrated Budget Suite

Streamline, Optimize, and Transform Your Budget Lifecycle with Appian-Based SaaS

The Challenges of Federal Budget Management

Federal budget management often faces disconnected processes, siloed systems, and extensive reporting requirements. Efficiently allocating time and resources is crucial for agencies to focus on their core missions. 

Streamlining Federal Budgeting and Operations

GIBS is a comprehensive, fit-for-federal budget management suite that supports all phases of the federal budgeting process. Key benefits include phenomenal user experience, better utilization of your funding, and streamlined reporting.

User Experience

Enhance the budget lifecycle through dynamic workflows and intelligent UI/UX, using purposeful integrations to reconcile and surface relevant data for comprehensive analysis.


Enhance fund utilization with real-time data analysis and obligation tracking, while efficiently sunsetting redundant systems and processes at your preferred pace of change.


Enable full budget lifecycle reporting through alignment of financial resources with organizational strategy, including front-end data categorization to support ad hoc requirements.

Pre-built SaaS vs Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) or Custom Service Implementations

Moving beyond traditional COTS or Custom service implementations, pre-built SaaS products like GIBS are poised to expedite and revolutionize federal budget management. The key advantages of adopting pre-built solutions include:

Speedy Deployment

A robust foundation streamlines implementation, ensuring savings on time and resources.


Provides a flexible framework for easy adjustments as updates are needed – critical with coming PPBE reform.

Cost Efficiency

Lower total cost of ownership, eliminating extensive in-house development and infrastructure management.

Thought Leaders in Appian

Hear Blake Templeman, Director of Appian Product Strategy and Delivery, discuss our expertise in harnessing the power of Appian’s low-code platform to develop tailored solutions for complex industries.

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