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The Challenges of Federal Budget Management

Federal budget management often faces disconnected processes, siloed systems, and extensive reporting requirements. Efficiently allocating time and resources is crucial for agencies to focus on their core missions. 

Introducing GIBS – A Federal Budget Solution

As an Appian elite partner, Groundswell developed GIBS to optimize budget processes for Federal agencies. GIBS offers standalone or bundled applications for both Civilian budgeting and Defense Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution (PPBE) processes, supporting integration at the agency’s preferred or possible pace. It empowers programs to effectively communicate their unique stories while maximizing the impact of allocated funds, leading to a more efficient, transparent, and accountable system for all stakeholders.


Managing, distributing, and reporting on the execution of resources to achieve set goals. Includes spend plan establishment, automated reconciliation with the accounting system, detailed document insights from integrations with USSGL and feeder systems, as well as year-end analysis and sweeps.


Comprehensive budget planning and document projection at the object class level support informed decisions and resource optimization. This is further enhanced by multi-scenario planning, strategic funding, and integration with Grants and Acquisitions systems for requirements kickoff and UDO closeout.

Strategy & Performance

Leadership communicates strategic direction, aligns goals with the mission, monitors impact, and shares findings with stakeholders. This process also involves aligning financial operations with strategy, evaluating Undelivered Orders (UDOs), and measuring programmatic and financial performance.


The creation of detailed budget submissions, such as POM, BES, or Civilian CJ that outline priorities, initiatives, performance, and funding. Facilitates strategic policy development and effective resource allocation through collaborative workflows, operating plan development, and strategy/performance incorporation.

Streamlining Federal Budgeting and Operations

GIBS is a comprehensive, fit-for-federal budget management suite that supports all phases of the federal budgeting process. Key benefits include phenomenal user experience, better utilization of your funding, and streamlined reporting.

User Experience
  • Seamless integration between all phases, in one system
  • In-system co-authoring for justification coordination and submission
  • Flexibility to address various scenarios and out-year projections
  • Assisted reconciliation and workforce performance
  • Maximize fund utilization through automated reconciliation
  • Repurpose funding before expiration with robust undelivered order (UDO) tracking 
  • Sunset redundant systems, eliminating unnecessary O&M costs
  • Increase efficiency and reduce staff turnover through intelligent UI/UX
  • Support for “Hashtags”, to make it easier to categorize and pull information for budget-based data calls
  • Serves as a reporting backbone for audits (A-123, OIG)
  • Tells the full programmatic story by tying financial resources to strategic priorities, goals, and objectives
  • Accurately forecast for procurements and grants utilizing current and future year data analysis

Pre-built SaaS vs Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) or Custom Service Implementations

Moving beyond traditional COTS or Custom service implementations, pre-built SaaS products like GIBS are poised to expedite and revolutionize federal budget management. The key advantages of adopting pre-built solutions include:

Speedy Deployment

Leveraging their robust foundation and plug-and-play framework, pre-built SaaS products like GIBS streamline implementation, ensuring significant savings in time and resources.


GIBS-like solutions provide flexible frameworks for easy adjustments, while custom implementations can be more rigid.

Cost Efficiency

Pre-built SaaS products usually have lower upfront and ongoing costs, eliminating extensive in-house development and infrastructure management, making them a more economical choice.

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