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Accelerating Federal Missions Through Automation

Envisioning the Future of Federal Automation

As the digital age progresses, so does the art of automation. UiPath stands out, offering Federal agencies the ability to refine and maximize the utility of their IT systems—ensuring data precision, relevance, and exceptional deliverables via its intuitive design. The benefit? Federal professionals can channel their energies into the higher echelons of creativity and strategy. 

Groundswell isn’t just another UiPath systems integrator. We represent the nexus of capability and finesse, deftly handling expansive automation projects with the meticulous attention typical of elite mid-sized integrators. For Federal agencies, this means achieving a balance of automation scale and tailored service. 

Automation at Scale

Groundswell Managing Director, Jerad Speigel, explores the transformative potential of automation in federal agencies. Dive into the tangible mission outcomes achieved when harnessing the power of tools like UiPath on an enterprise scale. 

Empowering the Federal Workforce: A Philosophical Shift

Dave Ehrlich, Groundswell’s UiPath Practice Lead, offers a perspective that goes beyond tools—it’s about reshaping the federal work landscape, heightening missions, and accentuating the intrinsic human value. Read here.

Automation as a Mission Catalyst 

Discover Groundswell’s vision: a world where automation, personified by UiPath, becomes a strategic lever, enabling federal agencies to reach unparalleled mission milestones.

UiPath Advantage

Optimize your current technology investments through UiPath’s fit for federal native functionality.


Rely on UiPath’s track record for seamless operations and consistent performance. 

Faster Deployment

Accelerate the integration of automation solutions into your workflows.

Robust Governance

Ensure control and compliance during your automation journey.

Pre-built Components

Assemble solutions efficiently and reduce development time.

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