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Groundswell is dedicated to bringing seismic technologies to Federal agencies.

Task Force Telesto, Transforming Defense ERP Systems

Task Force Telesto, spearheaded by Groundswell, represents a strategic shift in SAP defense logistics. Our leadership in this consortium of technology experts underscores our commitment to evolving defense ERP modernization. Aligned with Groundswell’s vision, Task Force Telesto is integral to reimagining Enterprise Business Systems for the US Army.

Our Core Capabilities

Making a Seismic Impact for Federal Agencies

Unleashing Federal Potential: Groundswell’s Appian Solutions

Discover how Groundswell, the unmatched leader in Appian solutions, is revolutionizing federal agencies. Our suite of comprehensive federal solutions amplifies Appian’s power, delivering up to 90% faster deployment and cutting total ownership costs by half. Experience the difference in efficiency and innovation.

Seismic Shifts

Groundswell’s Insights on Federal Modernization

  • Harnessing Data for a Resilient Defense Industrial Base

    Harnessing Data for a Resilient Defense Industrial Base

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  • Your Job is Coming for AI

    Your Job is Coming for AI

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  • Balancing Military Logistics

    Balancing Military Logistics

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  • Modernizing Federal Acquisitions

    Modernizing Federal Acquisitions

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