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Transforming Federal Human Capital Management

Innovative HR Solutions for Federal Agencies

The federal workforce deserves the best HR experience, yet many agencies are burdenƒed with legacy systems. Groundswell offers a transformative solution with the Workday HCM Suite, a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud HCM Suites and FedRAMP certified.

SecureChat AI, Groundswell’s Workday Solution

Always coming to the table with more for our clients, Groundswell developed SecureChat AI, powered by OpenAI and integrated within Workday, offering federal agencies a cutting-edge tool to expand the mission impact of their Workday investment.

Explore how SecureChat AI can revolutionize your agency’s HR operations. Visit the Workday Marketplace to learn more and see a demo.

Leading the Way in Federal

Groundswell is the leading Workday provider in the federal sector, recognized for our excellence and multiple contract awards. Our expertise in deploying Workday solutions has been proven across various federal agencies, making us a trusted partner for HR modernization.

DIA Human Resource System Contract

Groundswell secured a $205 million contract to implement a new HR system for the Defense Intelligence Agency.
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Prominent U.S. Federal Agency

Groundswell successfully implemented Workday Government Cloud for a federal agency with an international mission.
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Empowering Federal HR with Precision

Modernization Experience

We’re the first integrator in the federal sector to secure multiple prime awards and achieve a successful ‘Go Live’ within one year of award. Our extensive experience in federalizing Workday implementations sets us apart from any other provider. We’ve tackled large-scale transformations for the Federal government, including our own HR modernization. Our expertise ensures we deliver not just cutting-edge HR IT solutions, but also the policies, practices, and programs that enhance the employee experience.

Specialized for Impact

Groundswell is dedicated to maximizing the power of Workday, the only HR platform we implement. Our specialization ensures that we bring the full potential of this best-in-class technology to our federal clients. As part of Workday’s highly selective partner ecosystem, we deliver unparalleled solutions tailored to the Federal sector’s unique needs.

Mission Understanding

With over 20 years of federal experience, Groundswell comprehends Federal HR requirements and data architectures. We excel in helping agencies apply emerging technologies to advance their missions. Our elite technology and change management experts deliver high-impact solutions without the overhead of larger firms.

Modern Tech like workday aligns with Federal Data-Driven HR Modernization Objectives

Workday Practice Lead Lakshmi Meyyappan discusses how Groundswell is leading the federeral emergence of Workday – helping agencies adapt and deploy the platform to align to emerging human capital requirements. 

Our Workday implementation story

We don’t just believe in the transformative potential of Workday. We’ve lived it. 

Our Opportunity

When three companies merged to form Groundswell, our organization needed one central wall of truth to merge disparate systems, processes, and data. We also wanted to eliminate time-intensive, manual processes and maintain reliable corporate metrics.

Groundswell’s Solution

The Workday HCM Suite was the right solution for these challenges. By leveraging Workday’s self-service capabilities, we enabled our staff to start and manage workflows efficiently and provided transparency for our employees and clients.

Seismic Impact

Already, the Workday HCM Suite is streamlining operations and providing critical data to our leadership. This aligns our organization with high industry standards, ensures compliance with privacy laws, and has earned us the prestigious 2024 Merit Award for HR Technology Implementation..

Our HR modernization experts

Technology will play a substantial role in transforming human resources—and choosing the right partner, like Groundswell, to implement the best technologies for your agency’s specific needs will be key to furthering your mission.

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