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Empowering Federal Agencies with Groundswell’s Prebuilt Appian Solutions

Appian Solutions: Streamlining Modernization

Modernizing Federal Agencies is a critical aspect of ensuring they remain relevant and can meet the needs of the public they serve. However, configuring and customizing technology to meet specific agency needs is often a time-consuming and expensive process, which can significantly delay the realization of benefits from new technology. At Groundswell, we recognize the importance of streamlining the modernization process and have developed solutions that tackle common functional use cases, such as audit preparation, while reducing the time to go-live.  

Our solutions are built on top of Appian platform technology, which provides us with the flexibility to configure them to support the unique needs and requirements of each agency. By leveraging our prebuilt solutions, agencies can avoid starting from scratch every time they need to address a common use case. This allows them to concentrate on what’s important – meeting the needs of the public they serve. At Groundswell, we are committed to helping federal agencies modernize their operations more efficiently and effectively. 

Featured Appian Solutions

At Groundswell, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of Appian-based solutions designed specifically for federal agencies. We have published over 20 innovative solutions and components, including numerous production deployments, making us one of the most successful solution providers on the Appian AppMarket.

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Groundswells Appian solutions establish a framework and foundation to easily integrate into Federal systems:

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