Groundswell, a leading technology services provider, proudly announces that its subsidiary, Telesto Group, has been selected in the EBS-C opportunity as part of an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) upward invite. This pivotal decision by the US Army showcases the synergy between Groundswell’s innovative approach and the non-traditional procurement strategy of the EBS-C initiative.

George Batsakis, Groundswell’s CEO, emphasizes the significance of this selection: “This achievement is a testament to our non-traditional approach. As a mid-sized company, we have the agility to bring next-generation innovation to the Federal space, and this aligns perfectly with the non-traditional nature of the EBS-C opportunity.”

With over 400 employees across the United States, Groundswell and its subsidiary, Telesto Group, are now well-positioned to leverage their extensive infrastructure, advanced Agile implementation experience and methodology, development partnership with SAP, and strategic academic partnerships. These assets provide the Federal Government with a true partner and enable Groundswell to attract and retain top talent. Moreover, they allow Groundswell to develop cutting-edge solutions in an agile and user-centric manner, surpassing the U.S. Army’s expectations and reinforcing Groundswell’s philosophy where ‘the best idea wins’.

Reflecting on this milestone, Batsakis shared: “This is not just an award, it’s a responsibility. We are now tasked to bring our disruptive ideas and innovations to bear in creating robust, efficient, and Human Centered Designed technology solutions for our servicemen and women.”

About Groundswell
Groundswell, previously CollabraLink Technologies, Inc., is a premier technology consulting firm resolutely committed to solving the most complex challenges facing federal agencies today. Specializing in enterprise-scale digital transformation solutions, we leverage our wealth of technology, capabilities, and expertise to help the Government further its objectives and redefine what citizens can expect from digital Government services. For more information, please visit