Groundswell is pleased to announce that Megan Hanik has joined the Groundswell team as Chief People Officer. Her addition initiates the launch of Groundswell’s integrated Human Resource strategy, created in response to a rapidly growing organization. Regarding her addition to the company, Groundswell CEO George Batsakis says, “Megan represents an essential piece coming into place, setting Groundswell up to be the next great company in federal IT services.”

Hanik brings over 10 years of experience supporting companies with cultural development and workforce engagement. Her extensive experience includes alignment of human capital initiatives, increasing efficiency and efficacy, as well as creating positive and impactful business results. Her ability to strategically align talent to employee needs and business goals, as well as her talent management oversight skills, will advance Groundswell’s ability to develop a diverse pipeline of leaders. Hanik’s experience identifying high potential and development, creating performance management plans, and developing targeted engagement activities will aid Groundswell in both high-performance retention as well as high-performance hiring. “Creating a positive, engaging and connected company culture is a priority for us at Groundswell, and we are excited to have Megan here to help us drive effectiveness and efficiency across the board,” states Batsakis.

Groundswell is at a stage in its development and growth where the ability to scale overall capital human management infrastructure to market leading levels is a key element to its success. Megan’s experience with digital consulting and HR systems development brings a combination of variables that bring Groundswell to the forefront of the industry. Her professional experience across all critical human capital functions – including culture, leadership, workforce development, and compensation packages – is what Groundswell needs to pave the road to success.

Hanik shares her excitement in joining the Groundswell team, stating that “Groundswell has a unique vision to drive positive change in Federal IT industry. I am excited to take on the responsibility of ensuring all Groundswell employees feel empowered, engaged, and enabled to pursue the most meaningful career possible within such a dynamic and cutting-edge organization.”

Hanik holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree from Slippery Rock University, a Master of Arts in Organizational Development from Marymount University, and a Master’s Certification in Executive Coaching from George Mason University.

About Groundswell

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