Groundswell, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for the federal government, announced today the launch of its SAP Innovation Lab, aimed at delivering the next generation of SAP solutions for federal agencies. Groundswell’s strong past performance in digital transformation, Human-Centered Design (HCD), and data science, combined with its expertise in SAP technologies, will be leveraged to create innovative solutions that meet the complex needs of government customers. The lab will also serve as a collaborative workspace to develop next-generation SAP-based solutions with SAP and other partner

“Our intentional combination of SAP capabilities with other Groundswell capabilities is what we do best,” said George Batsakis, CEO of Groundswell. “Our SAP Innovation Lab will bring forth new and exciting capabilities from SAP, along with industry-leading talent, best practices, and deep client engagement, to create and scale innovative SAP solutions for the federal market.”

The combination of Groundswell’s SAP capabilities, digital transformation, HCD, and data science experience ensures that the solutions delivered not only leverage SAP’s market-leading capabilities but are also intuitive, user-friendly, and address the needs of customers to make data-driven decisions. The SAP Innovation Lab will be staffed by a team of experienced SAP professionals, including developers, architects, and project managers, who will work in close collaboration with SAP to design and implement solutions that address the complex challenges faced by federal agencies.

“We believe the federal market needs an alternative to traditional providers of SAP technology – one that can help clients unlock the new and emerging capabilities being developed by SAP and our Innovation Lab,” said Batsakis. “We are confident that this will have a significant impact on our clients and their ability to achieve their missions.”

About Groundswell
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