It Starts with a Modern Warehouse

Ways to Improve Federal Supply Chain

The explosion of technologies like IoT, 5G, and LIDAR are having a huge impact on the modernization of commercial warehousing. These technologies, and others, are enabling productivity gains from the maximization of warehousing space to improved auditability. Robotic storing and retrieval, integrated with modern ERPs, demonstrates a high ROI and a short payback period. This embrace of modernization by commercial companies has been going on for years, but it is only now that Federal warehouses are starting to utilize these technologies, kicking off their own modernization journey.

Traditionally, when modernization occurs within the Federal Government’s logistics and supply chain efforts, warehousing is sometimes an afterthought. However, beginning modernization efforts with a more automated, better equipped warehouse is a strong foundation for improved supply chain systems. By beginning with warehouse modernization, the Federal Government meet at the crossroads of supply chain – from OEMs and distributors to retail and tactical consumption.  

There’s an additional upside to this prioritization – commercial experiments provide an opportunity for the Federal Government to deploy tried and tested warehousing solutions that can be fully adopted during the modernization of ERPs. The Federal Government needs to leverage the commercial best practices and their lesson learned. This will require a true nontraditional contractor who has commercial experience or the ability to develop a comprehensive teaming strategy to augment and tap into that commercial knowledge.  

Telesto, a Groundswell company, is the partner the Federal Government needs to meet their warehousing modernization goals. With deep SAP experience and past performance in SAP Extended Warehouse management and logistics, we bring forth a team that understands the commercial best practices and can integrate them to meet Federal needs and regulations. 

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