Your Job is Coming for AI

…and not the other way around!

AI is more interested in assisting your career than it is in wiping it away. With the advancement of machine learning tools at our fingertips, we’re certainly well entrenched in a Hype Cycle of AI and automation. You don’t need to scroll far to find a thought piece on why AI might be coming for your job – but I believe it to be the opposite; the AI tools of the future will further bolster the need for humans in the workforce.

Bots are designed, by definition, to emulate human behavior. As efficiencies created by automation emerge, human behavior evolves. This has always been the case. For those mundane tasks that can be truly managed with automation and no human intervention, the humans performing these tasks can be repurposed to support weaknesses that have been otherwise neglected. This leads to the evolution of new human behaviors. 

Tools like UiPath, for example, allow Federal workers to increase the accuracy, relevance, and value of their output using friendly interfaces, mimicking human interactions with their various applications and systems. This allows for the automation of tasks such as testing, report generation, data validation, and more. Humans, in turn, can then shift their focus to making better and more confident decisions with that data, reacting as new threats or weaknesses emerge, and focusing on higher-value tasks that require creativity and critical thinking.

As budgets and resources continue to be constrained by internal and external factors, UiPath is augmenting these tasks with rapid speeds of deployment, regulated with strict governance. Besides, rest assured, AI may excel at processing data, but it’s light-years away from mastering the art of office small talk and team-building potlucks.

By David Ehrlich, Growth and Strategy

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