Federal Acquisitions Reimagined

Harnessing the power of Appian for unparalleled efficiency in procurement

Navigating the Federal Acquisition Maze

Federal acquisitions come with their fair share of challenges. Complex regulations, agency-specific rules, and the need for smooth collaboration across multiple offices can make the task feel daunting. Add to that the siloed nature of legacy systems, and it’s clear a modern solution is needed.  

Leveraging Appian’s modern technology, Groundswell breaks down the barriers, connecting previously separated areas and transforming them into a shared digital space. With Groundswell, you gain a partner who helps you see the full picture of an acquisition, enhancing your ability to act swiftly and efficiently. 

Sean Wybenga, Federal Acquisitions SME, writes about modernizing Federal acquisitions here.

Ready to Optimize Acquisitions

Groundswell stands at the intersection of in-depth federal acquisitions knowledge and Appian technology expertise. Our strengths include: 


18+ years of experience building systems for Federal Agencies


Highly skilled architects and former contracts professionals


Successful large-scale implementation and integration of Appian solutions

The Advantage of Partnering with an Accredited Appian Acquisition Specialist

When embarking on a technology-driven transformation journey, the right partnership can make all the difference. Groundswell’s Accredited Appian Acquisition Partner (AAA) status signals our deep commitment to, and mastery of, Appian technology, specifically tailored for federal procurement use cases.

Proven Expertise

As an accredited partner, we have demonstrated our comprehensive knowledge of government acquisition and our ability to successfully implement Appian’s Government Acquisition solutions. 

Reduced Risk

AAA status guarantees that we adhere to Appian’s development best practices, reducing the risk of failed implementations and ensuring the system is built right the first time. 

Collaborative Access

Our accreditation provides us with privileged access to Appian’s Acquisition Solution Engineering team, allowing us to stay abreast of new developments and enhancements to the suite of solutions. 

Meeting the Expectations of a New Generation

Discover Groundswell’s insights on the opportunities presented by the evolving landscape of Federal Acquisition technology through a Q&A with Appian, Sean Wybenga, and Meg Guckenberg.

Read the interview here.

Join our Appian team

We have the experts to help you become an expert—in Appian, and much more. In 2022 alone, we’ve invested over $750,000 in professional development for our team, one of the reasons why Groundswell is one of the Washington Post’s Top Workplaces.