From Stovepipes to Streamlined

Modernizing Federal Acquisitions

Overcoming Barriers in Federal Acquisition

In many organizations, federal acquisition professionals operate in separate offices inadvertently creating information silos, with less-than-ideal communication and collaboration between offices. These stovepipes create barriers to success, with various stakeholders throwing documents over the fence without knowing their fate or having clear lines of communication. Bound by bureaucracy and complex regulations, the acquisition process becomes overly burdensome and at times unnecessarily lengthy.

Breaking Down Barriers with Appian 

With modern technology like Appian, these barriers can seamlessly be broken down. Appian provides a common digital space for acquisition professionals, program offices and even vendors to collaborate and act, enabling real-time information sharing and an integrated solution. Appian enables contracts professionals to manage the entire acquisition lifecycle in one place, providing visibility and transparency across all parties involved. Groundswell’s premier federal Appian systems integrator solutions further enable multiple stakeholders to operate efficiently for a more integrated experience.  

Together, through technology, we can bring all acquisition professionals together while promoting visibility across optics to reduce unnecessary and mundane steps. No more status updates, no more throwing documents over fences – just effective collaboration and communication for a better future in federal acquisition. 

By Sean Wybenga, Federal Acquisitions SME

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