Forming the Future: Our Strategic Beginning

The Genesis of Groundswell

Born from the strategic integration of CollabraLink Technologies, Telesto Group, and Groundswell Consulting Group, Groundswell is now a singular force in federal IT solutions. This integration marks a new chapter, blending distinct expertise into one cohesive powerhouse. Here, innovation, agility, and mission-focused solutions converge, reinforcing our commitment to revolutionizing federal technology services.

Collabralink, Groundswell Consulting Group, Telesto Group, Groundswell logos
A new vision

Dedicated to seismic change

Our mission is to make our customers successful. Our organization and service offerings are built to answer the information technology challenges our customers face every day. Leveraging the tools and knowledge at our disposal, we work tirelessly to drive change and deliver valuable solutions for our customers.

Podcast Feature

The Story Behind Our Strategy

Listen to our leaders, George Batsakis and Jerad Speigel, as they discuss with Editor Nick Wakeman the strategy and vision that drove the creation of Groundswell. This insightful conversation on Project 38 podcast delves into how our brand was shaped through strategic acquisitions and our unwavering commitment to digital transformation.

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