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Groundswell’s modern workforce development program and close technology partnerships position us to retain and deploy top SAP functional and technical talent.

A seismic response to the SAP talent demand

At Groundswell, we understand the critical role that top SAP technical and functional talent plays in the success of any IT project. That’s why we have made it our mission to be experts in hiring and retaining the best SAP talent available. Our recruiting process is designed to identify and attract highly skilled individuals who have the expertise and experience necessary to deliver successful projects for our federal clients.

In addition to hiring top talent, we are also committed to retaining our team members by providing a positive work environment, competitive compensation and benefits packages, and opportunities for career advancement. We recognize the value of cleared professionals in the federal marketplace and have taken steps to build a team of highly skilled individuals who hold the necessary security clearances to work on sensitive government projects. 

Our approach to talent acquisition and retention has allowed us to build a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to helping our federal clients achieve their mission-critical objectives. At Groundswell, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients and ensuring that our team members are equipped with the tools and resources they need to succeed. 

Groundswell’s SAP Recruiting & Continuing Professional Development Program

Submitting a winning bid is just the first step – delivering successful, large-scale SAP implementations requires a diverse and experienced team of resources. At Groundswell, we have developed a comprehensive approach to building and maintaining our team, ensuring flawless execution for our clients.

Strategic Corporate Partnerships

Our strategic corporate partnerships with educational institutions and non-profits allow us to engage with targeted recruiting populations who have relevant experience or interest in SAP.

Industry Leading Benefits Package

We recognize the importance of offering our employees the highest tier in benefits packages. We conduct staff surveys and market analysis to ensure that we are providing the best possible benefits, which has allowed us to attract and retain top SAP talent.

Comprehensive Professional Development Opportunities

We make a significant investment in maintaining knowledge of emerging SAP technologies and supporting advanced SAP certifications for our team. In 2022 alone, we invested over $750,000 in professional development, resulting in our team members earning over 120 professional certifications.

Deep Collaboration with SAP

Through our deep collaboration with SAP, we gain insight into the latest technology trends and proactively recruit skilled professionals with the necessary competencies. As a result of our extensive experience delivering highly complex SAP solutions for federal customers, we have a thorough understanding of what successful implementations entail, and our employees are presented with challenging opportunities.

Featured SAP Case Studies

Our past success is the best representation of our SAP capability:

Army Enterprise Ammunitions (AMMO)

AMMO OTA SAP solution integrated and automated E2E Supply Chain for Class V materials.

TRANSCOM Transportation Management System (TMS)

USTRANSCOM TMS converged multiple disconnected logistics systems into 1 streamlined SAP SaaS in the Cloud.

DLA Warehouse Management System (WMS)

DLA WMS SAP software sustained, enhanced and optimized through SAP expertise and collaborative training delivery.

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SAP Product Strategy and Delivery

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