Life at Groundswell

Embody our Core Behaviors

Fuel seismic impact

We don’t just react to client needs and gaps. Our mission is to drive seismic change and to do so effectively, we put proactive outreach and innovation at the forefront of our problem-solving abilities. This approach empowers us to take on the toughest challenges with confidence and determination.

  • Lead with solutions
  • Solicit feedback

Mission-Driven leadership

At Groundswell, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly whom we serve. Our leadership team is composed of individuals who not only bring deep experience and background but also demonstrate unwavering dedication to the federal government and the missions we serve. Their passion and commitment drive our success, ensuring that we deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

  • Seek to understand
  • Own your mission

Reflect our world

Our organization embraces a vibrant and inclusive environment, mirroring the diverse world we live in. With individuals from all walks of life, backgrounds, races, and ethnicities, we celebrate the wealth of personal and professional experiences they bring. This collaborative and empathetic space allows us to connect on a profoundly human level, fostering creativity and innovation beyond measure.

  • Practice inclusivity
  • Celebrate differences 

Engage and excel

We appreciate healthy competition and those that want to hit the ground running. Our agility in pivoting from strategy to action and execution highlights our ability to activate change and tap into a strong bench of talent and resources. The best idea always wins, and we want you to be a contributing and impactful voice and activator!

  • Grow your mindset
  • Invest in others

Navigate ambiguity with confidence

We work tirelessly to drive change and deliver valuable solutions for our customers every day in an effort to build a better tomorrow. Strategic thinking, futuristic vision, and constant ideation are the keystones of tackling the federal government’s most intricate challenges, and these traits are ingrained in our culture of innovation and ongoing progress!

  • Be curious
  • Be resourceful

We are Groundswell

A mid-tier technology services integrator working to create a seismic impact for Federal Agencies, committed to excellence and quality. We hire the best of the best and strive for a high-performing culture fueled by guiding principles.

Portrait of Megan Hanik

At Groundswell, we are committed to being the trusted advisor that does the right thing when no one else is looking. Through navigating ambiguity with confidence as a core, we continuously upscale and upskill our talent so that we are one step ahead with regard to innovation and delivery excellence. By embodying these principles, we provide reliable and insightful guidance to our customers.”

Megan Hanik
Chief People Officer, Groundswell

Groundswell Gives & Partnerships

Groundswell’s 2024 community & charitable organizations each align to a core client missions and our goal of creating a more inclusive organization by focusing on:

  • Underrepresented talent
  • Veterans
  • Those with disabilities

Employee Resource Groups

Groundswell remains committed to supporting an inclusive environment. This includes a holistic approach to each pillar of inclusivity- ensuring Groundswell’s internal Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are intended to reflect the world that we live in. 

Science Impact Council

The Science Impact Council was founded to help push the Government Sciences community forward. We have a treasure trove of scientists and science support staff on our projects who understand what the Federal agencies are up against- aging technology, outdated policies, and difficulty recruiting and hiring, to name a few. We brought these experts together to form the Science Impact Council in order to identify these problems, brainstorm fixes, and ultimately create solutions to push the Sciences forward in the Federal Government. 

Women of Groundswell

The Women of Groundswell group was founded to provide community for women at Groundswell, and allies of women, to learn and grow together. The group provides support and resources for women to achieve their goals and navigate the complex landscape of technology, consulting, and federal contracting.

Join our team

We have the experts to help you become an expert. In 2022 alone, we’ve invested over $750,000 in professional development for our team, one of the reasons why Groundswell is one of the Washington Post’s Top Workplaces.