Joint Transportation Management Solution 2.0

Transportation Management SaaS for Global Defense Customers powered by SAP

Groundswell specializes in optimized SAP solutions for military logistics. Our rich history and expertise have been further strengthened by the acquisition of Telesto Group LLC in 2021. With over two decades of experience in federal SAP instances, we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge technology like JTMS 2.0.  

Our journey started with the successful USTRANSCOM TMS OTA, continues with ongoing enhancements, investments that reflect our commitment to serving defense organizations worldwide. 

Introducing JTMS 2.0 – Comprehensive Defense Transportation Solution

Modern militaries require seamless movement, achievable through the engagement of cutting-edge technology. Explore the functionality of JTMS, a SaaS defense offering: 

By streamlining defense transportation management and adapting to user requirements, JTMS delivers a powerful and efficient tool for defense organizations across the globe. 

The SaaS Advantage for Defense Organizations

Embracing SaaS technology offers numerous advantages for defense organizations, streamlining complex implementations and ensuring rapid, agile deployment. Benefits include:

By leveraging SaaS, defense organizations can swiftly implement the Telesto TMS, built on SAP cloud services, to address their complex transportation needs with military-specific functionality. 

Building on USTRANSCOM Success

Groundswell’s JTMS 2.0 solution is rooted in the success of our USTRANSCOM TMS OTA, embodying continuous evolution and the pursuit of possibilities, as highlighted by Hon. Robert H. McMahon, USTRANSCOM: 

“We’ll be in great shape as we evolve, and it’s worth our energy today to showcase the art of the possible.” 

Delve into our case study to uncover how the OTA laid the groundwork for our enhanced solution.

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