Groundswell is proud to announce that it is one of only five companies in the world chosen to be a part of the Appian Acquisition Accreditation program. Through its recent acquisition, Groundswell expanded its footprint through federal civilian and defense agencies. The company’s acceptance into this competitive program for Appian partners is a result of a long and successful partnership with many valuable Appian implementations and signifies Groundswell’s extensive expertise. This accreditation also marks Groundswell’s milestone achievement of becoming the largest, most accomplished Appian integrator in the public sector.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as an industry leader in Appian solutions,” George Batsakis, CEO of Groundswell, states. “Teaming up with Appian to offer this unique suite of products furthers our mission to create transformational and vital change across the federal environment. Appian’s offering allows Groundswell to create streamlined and customizable acquisition solutions to help agencies achieve their goals.”

With this accreditation, Groundswell can provide the most advanced Appian solutions and looks forward to being able to better serve its public sector customers. Blake Templeman, Groundswell’s Chief Product Officer, states, “[Groundswell’s] admission into the Appian Acquisition Accreditation Program bolsters our long-standing partnership with Appian and allows us to continue developing modern and innovative solutions.”

In order to receive this accreditation, Groundswell met the highest standards for providing Appian solutions in the federal acquisition space. The Appian Acquisition Accreditation will aid Groundswell in its ability to mitigate the risks associated with the modernization of government acquisition solutions.

About Groundswell
Groundswell, previously CollabraLink Technologies, Inc., and Groundswell Consulting Group, is a premier technology integrator resolutely committed to solving the most complex challenges facing federal agencies today. We leverage our wealth of technology, capabilities, and expertise to help the government further its objectives and redefine what citizens can expect from digital government services. Our new name, Groundswell, represents our commitment to be an unstoppable, seismic change in government. For more information, visit